Sustainability and Innovation Seminar “Towards greener and cleaner rail diesel vehicle”
Turin (Italy) 5 June 2013

The Sustainability and Innovation Workshop was held on 5th June 2013 in the city of Turin in the former FIAT facilities of Lingotto.

Opened by Judit Sandor (UNIFE), Technical Coordinator of the project, and moderated by Isabelle De Keyzer (UIC), the workshop started with a comprehensive presentation of how in practice it is possible to provide for Stage IIIB compliant rail vehicles. This first panel session explained the results of the demonstration subprojects, i.e. Heavy Haul and Light weight, and LCC models used in the project. Their purpose was to bring CO2, NOx and PM emissions below the limits established by NRRM EU Directive, (2004/26/ EC) the new European Directive, by the refurbishment of existing rolling stock and the development of a new locomotive.

After this introduction, the next panel sessions presented the findings derived from the works of the three scientific Subprojects, namely: Emerging technologies, Hybrid solutions and Sustainability and Integration.

At the end of each session, ample time was devoted to questions and answers and the participants widely took the opportunity to ask all possible questions and to make extremely relevant comments on the presented results and findings.

Given the exchange and interest showed by participants, the workshop was considered as a good introduction to the final conference of the CleanER-D project where all results and recommendations derived from the work achieved will be presented in their finalized version to the audience.