Project Publications

Repower or Replace? The route to cleaner diesel
CleanER-D article published in the International Railway Journal, 2013 December edition

Améliorer les performances environnementales des engins ferroviaires diesel
Revue générale des chemins de fer, avril 2013

Towards greener and cleaner rail diesel vehicle
European Railway Review, Issue 2 2013

CleanER-D: Innovative Dieselschienenfahrzeuge fuer Europa
Eisenbahningenieur, Dezember 2011

CleanER-D newsletter – 2011
Switching the Gears for Innovative Diesel Propulsion The CleanER-D Project

CleanER-D puts diesel propulsion on the right track
CleanER-D article published in the European Railway Review Issue 1 2011.

Clean European Rail-Diesel: Tackling the challenge of reducing diesel emissions
Article on the CleanER-D project in EURAILmag Business & Technology /// issue 21

CleanER-D newsletter – 2010
The first CleanER-D newsletter gives an overview of the technical works carried out during the first one and half years of the project life time.

CleanER D – Project Brochure
This official brochure gives general background on the CleanER-D project. It includes the budget, motivation and the project structure.


Other Publications

Rail Diesel Emissions - Fact and Figures - 2006
The brochure aims not only to support the technical review of the NRMM Directive (2004/26/EC) due to be completed at the latest by the end of 2007, but also to assess the status, performance and need for (technical and operational) emission reduction measures for the existing fleet, using a cost-benefit analysis approach, whilst also taking into account the practical feasibility of applying each option. Finally it also investigates the possibilities of using technical and operational measures for reducing diesel exhaust emissions by sharing knowledge and experiences with the aim to prepare for implementation.

Green Final Report - 2008
The main objective of GREEN is to perform research leading to sub-systems for a heavy-duty engine. The objectives should be achieved with strict boundary conditions for: i) a competitive cost base, ii) highest fuel conversion efficiency of the Diesel cycle, to achieve near-zero real world pollutant emissions and significant reduction of CO2.The project put emphasis on diesel engines for trucks and rail applications and on natural gas engines for city transport applications. The combination of innovation and durability is strongly supported. The research targets have been chosen to look beyond all legislation known today. Targeting possible sharpening after year 2010 with focus on near zero real world emission for Diesel NOx 0.5 g/kWh, PM 0.002g/kW.

Rail Diesel Study
The UIC and UNIFE diesel experts have decided in 2003 to produce the Diesel Action Plan advocating pro-active measures to reduce diesel exhaust emissions. This Action Plan led to the initiation of the “Rail Diesel Study” which is well appreciated by the sector and known by the European Commission.